Impianti e servizi per l'acquacultura



Design and Construction Aquaculture Systems

Normative and Bureucreatic Assistance // Technical Assistance

HACCP and Sanitary Assistance of CSM/CDM

Acquariums Tailored // Water Analisys // Activated Marine Water

Aquaquality is a technological and advanced structure, that takes care of Recirculation Aquaculture Systems (RAS) in the intensive farming field,  in shellfish purification,  in aquaculture water qualityand sport fishing equipment.

Aquaquality is the unique society of aquaculture sector that operating in implantation and sanitary field

 Our Services Include

Design and Construction Aquaculture Systems // Normative and Bureucreatic Assistance // Technical Assistance  Acquariums Tailored  // Maintenance // HACCP and Sanitary Assistance of CSM/CDM  // Water Analisys  // Activated Marine Water // other…