The use of the new systems recirculation aquaculture (STAR) allows you to develop and debug facilities average small fattening of marine or freshwater, characterized by a modular structure, to be placed strategically in places where it is strong demand for live fish for consumption, especially in the summer, or at certain times of the year.

The application of the SAR needs to take into account a number of variables peculiar structure and situation.

The basic idea is to create an opportunity to develop fish farms average small, versatile and modular, in order to give a chance to make the fattening or simply relaying of live fish also complementary structures as cottages, ski sport fishing, horse riding, restaurateurs with storage rooms, etc .; the SAR in this context provides an opportunity to create a new market, where the farmer or the farm manager can diversify its activities by providing live fish retail visitors to the facility.

The basic investment remains low, and is amortized relatively quickly.

T he species to rear can be different and plants are adapted and customized according to customer requirements.

The SAR is mainly characterized by a reduced water consumption (total recirculation system or almost), the possibility of being placed in areas previously not conceivable (you can also install a SAR in a shed in the town area, taking advantage of the water network), the Environmental Protection Agency (drains or almost null; limited amount of waste products disposed of through authorized companies; therefore pollution impact to zero), the total control over the quality of the water (which is It translates into reduced incidence of pathologies, the higher speed of growth, etc.) and, consequently, from the constant availability of live fish, healthy and hygienically controlled.

Also in this case Aquaquality able to produce feasibility studies and business plan reliable, eliminating the final costs for the customer in the case where the implant is then actually made.


The construction of a fish farm requires a series of opinions to permission by the authorities responsible for the territory ranging from the practicability and proper intended use of the property, to any concessions for the withdrawal of water supply in facility, the permits for the dumping varied according to the receiving body (public sewer, surface water body, discharge to sea), the investigation of the practice with the competent veterinary service of the USL area.Aquaquality intervenes in each of these requirements, the practice dealing directly with the Board’s jurisdiction until it is running and issue the notice or specific authorization; in this way the manager who wants to build the facility is relieved from all the burden in terms of time and contacts with officials, and can focus directly on the activity to be carried out, leaving it completely to Aquaquality assistance and bureaucratic regulations .If possible request for funding regional or Community (FIFG or other measures), Aquaquality can cure the whole practice of financing up to the end result.


The management of an aquaculture facility is based on some simple but necessary steps, both ordinary and extraordinary, indispensable to avoid being suddenly with technical problems which impact on the run and on the profitability of the plant.

In the case of a SAR, also, the part verification technique is more complex than a traditional breeding in open tanks, because of the need to keep under control in real time a whole series of parameters (temperature, dissolved oxygen, ammonia , etc.) that are key to avoiding problems to fish in the tank; of course, all of this control has the advantage of being able to increase the density of fish in a bath (amount of biomass reared per cubic meter) and, substantially, be able to increase so the production and the income of the plant.


Aquaquality realizes protocols complete with plant management, dealing with the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the equipment, the analysis and control of the parameters relating to water quality, hygiene and health of self-control on the fish, – requested by veterinarians – training of personnel, etc., providing real “packages” of services to measure the customer and cost absolutely compatible with the management of the activity.


Aquaquality is able to offer maintenance and technical assistance of installations both purification and storage shellfish and farmed fish. Services are customizable and scalable to the needs of the customer.


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