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Innovative purification system, simple, efficient and high efficiency and reliability. Designed for medium and large systems, based on a revolutionary principle of countercurrent filtration is able to guarantee high performance together with low operating costs and, at the same characteristics with the traditional purification plants, investment costs substantially lower.


Killing bacteria

Reduction of levels of dissolved organic matter

Filtration of suspended matter


Circulation (in the case of installation in the basin)


Capacity: 100 m now

Filtration: less than 1 micron

Possibility of fixed installation or on floating

Condensation of the foam to the required densitymechanical liquefaction of foam without any water jet and consequent wastage

Foam or condensed evacuated for pressure, by gravity or mechanically

Electric motor: GPM 2800 – 1.5 HP – 1.1 kW

Dimensions: Height 150cm – Width 150cm – 100cm diameter

Weight: 95kg


– Centrifugal system for liquefaction foams

– Pump foams

– Floats

– Protective cover

Basin Installations

Mixed Installations 

Large Modular Systems 


Purification system, maintain and finish for shellfish. Ideal for small and medium-sized plants, combines high efficiency with very low operating costs and operation and reduced maintenance to a minimum.
The technology, positioned on stainless steel supports 316, doLLy, for moving or sopraelevabile for minimum dimensions.
Possibility of different installation configurations and customization and modular in function of the quantity of product to be treated.

Planting personalization completely transportable by forklift  

Chance to experience the bins with plexiglass tanks for display purposes or storage increase 


The hydrocyclone filter is a centrifugal sand separator used for the cleaning of liquids or very sandy water or saturated with solid particles such as gravel, or generally heavier particles from the water.


It provides filtration of particles as small as:
– Fine sand
– Coarse sand
– Gravel
– Solid particles of various nature


The percentage of eliminated solid deposits also exceed 90%.