Aquaquality  is able to offer maintenance services and technical assistance of installations both for cleaning and storage shellfish and fish farming. Services are customizable and scalable to meet customer requirements:


• Scheduled Maintenance

• Technical Assistance

• Maintenance of Request

• Manuals Conduction System

• Optimization System


Aquaquality, thanks to its team of qualified professionals is structured to follow the system from design to production and to assembly, electrical  and hydraulic connections on the field, the functional testing and verification of yield purifying.


•  HACCP for CSM / CDM and fishmongers

•  Feasibility studies

•  Projects and comprehensive practices for obtaining administrative authorizations

• Assistance and executive worksite

• Site management technology

• Installations

• Tests

• Drafting operational manuals

• Training

• Consultations

• Cabel water quality control


Thanks to a specialized staff that is in plant health,  Aquaquality has the distinction of being able to offer affordable packages that include equipment maintenance and consulting for HACCP for CSM/CDM (Mollusks Spedition Center /Mollusks Depuration Center)